Women In College More Affected By Alcohol Consumption Than Men

The effects of consumption of any substance are different on different people, owing to their biological differences. This also applies to the effects of substances on different sexes. Women might not react to the consumption of something the way that men do, and vice versa.

These effects can range from behavioral changes to biological and chemical changes in the body.

A study has proved that alcohol consumption has different effects on the two sexes.


Lina Begdache, Hamed Kianmehr, Nasim Sabounchi, Anna Marszalek, and Ngawang Dolmad authored a paper on the relation between alcohol consumption and academic performance, lifestyle habits, and mental distress in college students.

Women In College More Affected By Alcohol Consumption

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The study found that men and women who drank in excess exhibited “an increase in impulsive behaviors.” However, men are more likely to engage in impulsive, risky behaviors.

Moreover, the researchers found that women’s longer-term cognitive functions and decision making were more severely affected than those of men.

Lina Begdache, one of the researchers, said –

“Young women reported generally less interest in academic work and performance than young men.”

She added –

“The latter reported more risky behaviors, such as being arrested, from excessive drinking. We also found that young women are more likely to depend on alcohol to improve mental well-being, which is also concerning, as they may self-medicate through drinking.”

Women In College More Affected By Alcohol Consumption

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Begdache also revealed that high alcohol consumption by women in college could have long-term effects, as compared to men. They might have to deal with more long-term mental health problems and cognitive impact.

“We did find that men and women who don’t drink or drink minimally exhibit responsible behaviors and academic effort, which are reflective of a normal trajectory of brain maturity.”

The study was titled “Common And Differential Associations Between Levels Of Alcohol Drinking, Gender-Specific Neurobehaviors And Mental Distress In College Students” and was published in the Trends in Neuroscience and Education journal.

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