Women most unsafe in Hindi Heartland states: Data

Crime against women is rapidly increasing in the heartland states.

There has been a rapid increase in the number of crimes against women. And unfortunately, Uttar Pradesh, a hindi heartland state stands out with the maximum number of crimes as per the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) ranks.

In a statistics released on Thursday, it was found that there were 378,277 reported crimes throughout the country in 2018.
While, Uttar Pradesh stands out as the worst state in women’s security. Madhya Pradesh stands out as the state with the maximum number of rapes with a marginal increase from 32,559 cases in 2017 to 32,632 in 2018.

The crime bureau’s statistics came a few days after the nationwide protests against the increasing numbers of brutal crimes against women. The protests gained national movement after the gang rape of a veterinarian doctor from Hyderabad, whose accused rapists were shot dead by the police in an encounter.

Also, last year Kuldeep sengar, a sitting BJP MLA was sentenced with lifetime imprisonment for raping a girl from Unnao.

Other recent cases from Uttar Pradesh, include killing a girl by setting her ablaze when she somehow survived after being raped.
As per some experts, the reason for increasing number of rapes reported, can also be ‘More complaints being registered’.
However, as per Ranjana Kumari, a social activist and director at the Delhi-based Centre for Social Research, there hasn’t been any prioritizing of Police departments against crimes with women. Nor has there been any improvisation in safety and patrolling.

But, as per Rashmi Singh, a New Delhi-based women’s activist said.
“More has to be done as a society. It is not attributed to the government alone. There needs to be societal change as well. There needs to be reform on that front and education plays a big role in it. It needs to be a part of curriculums. These incidents come from a mindset that needs to be changed and education will be a key part of that,”

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