Woman with transplanted uterus gives birth to a ‘miracle’ baby.

A woman who gave birth to a baby in November, following a uterus transplant, calls it a miracle.
Jennifer Gobrecht and her husband, Drew Gobrecht, on Thursday at a news conference said Benjamin was their baby born as a part of Penn Medicine’s 2-year-old uterine transplant trial. He was also the eighth baby in the United States to be born through a uterus transplant, according to Penn.

Jennifer Gobrecht gave birth to their first baby, through uterus transplantation, called it a miracle.

Jennifer Gobrecht, 30, was born without a uterus, and in 2018 she underwent a transplant. The uterus transplanted was from a deceased donor.
She also mentioned that the journey hasn’t been easy for them, but when they looks at Benjamin, they realize that the journey was worth the hardship.
As per Penn, most of the transplant programs accept only from the living donors, but they are among the few to accept from deceased donors as well.

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However, some experts have shown concerns about transplant, and wonder if the risks associated are worth it. But, as per Dr. Kathleen O’Neill, one of the lead trial investigators at Penn, said “uterine transplantation could give couples like the Gobrechts another option besides adoption and the use of a gestational carrier”.

She also told that it is the only option to parenthood that allows women to carry their own pregnancies.
Penn also stated that they will keep a close check on the trial participants for 0 to 10 years, from in vitro fertilization to long term follow-ups after delivery. It will help them keep a check on the associated health risks and consequences, if any.
Gobrecht called the procedure a ‘miracle’ that brought blessings in the form of a ‘baby’ into her life!

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