Words That Will Make You Sound Old

Though this might sound bizarre and surreal, this is true that using some particular words can make you feel old and outdated. Owing to technology, the world and it’s language is constantly changing. It can be the case that the slangs that used to make you look in olden times, aren’t cool anymore. So if you wish to remove that generation gap between, you need to strike off the out-of-date words from your dictionary.

Bling Bling

In earlier times, Bling Bling was used to refer to something that is shiny and fancy. You know, the way shiny things catch the light and go bling bling. Though this seemed cool in the late 90s and early 2000s, you should most probably get away with using this word today. Using this word might make you feel old and outdated as for present generation kids this slang is cringy.

Talk to the hand

A few years back, this was the easiest way through which you could insult somebody. If you’re fed up with someone’s nuisance or are bored out of your wits, then you told them to “talk to the hand”. For the teenagers of 2020, this is outdated and they’ll laugh on your face.



It’s time to ditch this particular word, ‘Necking’ from your dictionary as it will make you sound much older than you already are. There are many new gen words that you can use to describe your sexual encounters. For those you don’t know, necking means kissing or hooking up.

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It’s good that you want to compliment your spouse or any other person that you find attractive, hottie is not the right word to use. There are plenty of words on the internet you can use to woo someone or make them aware of how good they look. Refrain yourself from describing someone as ‘hottie’ as it’s quite outdated and bizarre.


The word ‘picture’ is still very much in use due to the presence of the social networking site called Instagram. We all click pictures and share them on your social handles and it’s completely okay. However, what is not cool is referring to the ‘movies’ as ‘pictures’.

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