World Water Day 2021: 10 Effective Tips to Safe Water at Home

We all know the importance of water but we rarely use it sustainably. The importance of utilizing water in the best possible way, with least wastage can’t be emphasized more as we know how much of water is wasted every single day. On the same line, every year on March 22nd, World Water Day is celebrated to raise awareness towards saving water.

If you are struggling with the same and really want to know how you can help save water at home using some simple ways, read ahead:

1. Make sure your taps are not leaking in the washroom or kitchen.

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2. If there are any leakages, use ways to fix it or put in buckets under the taps until they get repaired.
3. Use buckets to take bath. Do not use shower or open tap as it leads to wastage of water.
4. Turn off the water while brushing your teeth.
5. Use washing machine on maximum capacity.
6. Use under-utilized water to water plants.
7. Don’t allow kids to play with water and encourage them to save it.
8. Check for faulty or broken pipes.
9. Incorporate Rain Water Harvesting if possible.
10. Turn off water while washing utensils.

On World Water Day 2021, take a pledge to not waste even a single drop of water as life without water is impossible and nothing lasts forever!

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