Xiaomi Tends To Make A Wear OS device

From today, the 25th of September, 2019, Wear OS 2.28 features a string that references a “Mi Wear” companion app. The reference of its existence has been spotted in a couple of strings inside the Wear OS application version 2.28.

Xiaomi Tends To Make A Wear OS device

Huawei Wear is an app that helps you manage your Huawei wearable devices, providing you with a complete, consistent, and convenient user experience. 
It can currently pair with HUAWEI WATCH, HUAWEI FIT, and HUAWEI Talkband wristbands.
More wearable devices will be supported soon (smartphone running Android 4.4 or later required). Please stay tuned.

It’s the first-ever time, a possible smartwatch from Xiaomi has come to notice. There are questions on its existence already and we can’t even guess the details of the same and how it may look. But expect Xiaomi to launch its first Wear OS-powered smartwatch at an affordable price. While Xiaomi will maintain its momentum in the industry, this new partnership may help Google to improve its Wear OS further which is struggling compared to its rivals like watchOS.

With Huawei Wear, you can:
1. Pair with various wearable devices.
2. Check fitness, calories, and distance data.
3. Manage paired devices, such as setting alarms, managing notifications, and updating devices.
4. Share data with Huawei Health for more detailed statistics.

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The code insight –

Further digging into the code by the folks over at 9to5Google shows the name of this watch could be the Mi Watch. At this point, it’s unknown if Xiaomi will end up calling its first smartwatch running Wear OS as Mi Watch, but the code is showing the greater possibility of having it this name.

If this smartwatch exists, we believe some of Xiaomi’s partners will help it to bring the final product. Huami, for instance, makes the Mi Band wearable for Xiaomi.

Wear OS runs on many third-party watches like the ones from The Fossils Group but the major manufacturers are releasing smartwatches with their platform and here Google stays behind. In such a scenario, Xiaomi may help Wear OS to improve the condition of the Wear OS.

Wear OS manufacturers are able to offer their own companion clients on Android. This was a more common practice during Android Wear’s early days. For example, the Huawei Wear app “helps you manage your Huawei wearable devices,” like the Huawei Watch and Huawei Watch 2. The Mobvoi companion app features the company’s health and activity suite.

Evidence of Wear OS adding support for another companion app first emerged in July with Wear OS 2.26. Development was codenamed Baiji — an extinct dolphin that has significance in Chinese mythology — up until today. The line in version 2.28 was updated to “Mi Wear,” with such a Xiaomi app not currently existing, though there is Mi Fit for the popular Mi Band line.

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