Yoga Asanas that you must do every morning

In the previous blog we stayed the innumerable benefits of yoga. So now it should become a part of your everyday routine. However, there are a few asanas which must be practiced everyday for a healthy lifestyle, even on the days when you don’t have time to have a full-fledged yoga session.

Below are 3 everyday yoga poses:

1. Sukhasana

Practicing this really simple pose is quite soothing to the body. It offers benefits like regulating breathing and keeping back and neck staight.

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2. Trikonasana or triangle pose

Trikonasana is done by spreading feet and bending onto one side while keeping shoulders aligned along with one hand on ground and other in air. This pose also helps with neck and back pain, while also increasing the flexibility of back.

3. Vrikshasana or tree pose

Although it looks quite simple, it isn’t that easy. All you need to do is to balance your entire weight on one feet and stand stable. In order to succeed in it, you must focus on your hands which are straight above and concentrate well.

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