YouTube curbs spam, warns Spam-Subs

Subscribers are an important aspect of popularity on YouTube, a major video sharing website. It is the subscribers that bring upon traffic on a particular YouTube channel. And it is quite endearing to see a lot of channels hitting millions of subscribers. With around millions of accounts on the website, YouTube as a part of Quarterly report on enforcement of community standards stated that they have resorted to delete 1.67 million channels in late 2018, majority of them being for spam violations. Keeping this in mind, YouTube after conducting one of its general checks has released to the media that a lot of accounts are affected by fake subscribers which makes it unfair to the other channels who are genuinely vouching for subscribers.


The aftermath – Spam violation

YouTube after busting the scam of fake subscribers has warned users that they will see a noticeable change in the subscriber count. As they proceed with combating with this issue. This change is most likely to occur from December 13-14. YouTube help forum has released a statement that says that they verify the legitimacy of accounts. And actions on every YouTube Channel and that they recently identified and fixed and issue causing this scam- removed. A YouTube representative has also stated that they are vouching to remove the spam. And assure to its users the organic way of building an authentic community.

However, YouTube shall notify users if their channel- affected with fake subscribers. And they are most likely to see a note from YouTube in the Creator Studio. Channels around 1,000 subscribers who end up stooping down, below the threshold for the YouTube Partner Program due to this fake subscriber bust will be required to reapply once they reach the expected amount of subscribers through organic and authentic means.

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How the bust will affect accounts –

Firstly, the spam makes the account look way more popular than it really is. Secondly, this is the reason YouTube has decided to take this drastic step. And most likely will affect the ongoing competition. However, these accounts still have a large amount of popularity despite the spam. Finally, the main concern resides with small creators who will face the biggest risk since the bust. Could put their ability to monetize videos at stake. It would be interesting to see which accounts make it through the bust. Without alteration in the subscribers and which don’t. Let’s wait and witness the techno-bust!

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