YouTube could win over Facebook’s Second Position in the US

In the past, the top five most visited websites in the Unites States were – Google, Facebook, YouTube, Yahoo and Amazon. The order is consistently in the same manner for the past few years.

But according to a new study provided by the Market Research firm – SimilarWeb, it seems like the order is going to change within few months. That is, the second place, which was held by Facebook all this while, would soon be passed over to YouTube.

More details on the second position take over by YouTube from Facebook –

The report from SimilarWeb was shared with CNBC on the 8th of August 2018. The study started off with a comment made on the paradigm shift. Stephen Kraus said the following –

“Now we are on the edge of a paradigm shift – our projections show that soon YouTube’s traffic will pull ahead of Facebook to become #2, and Amazon’s traffic will soon pull ahead of Yahoo to become #4 (data highlights below).  If current trends continue, both flips will likely occur in the next 2-3 months.”

The past couple of weeks have been a big headache for Facebook. And it looks like Facebook is facing more criticism with its possible defeat to YouTube.

Facebook’s monthly visits have fallen from 8.5 billion two years ago to 4.7 billion in July. Whereas, YouTube has been quietly edging up, hitting 4.5 billion last month.
This is possibly because YouTube, which is owned by Google’s Alphabet, has its main concern purely on videos being the primary source of entertainment, right from the beginning. But the same cannot be said about Facebook.

YouTube taking over Facebook

With regard to this matter, SimilarWeb supports Facebook in a way mentioning that Facebook is growing in terms of network rather than its main website. That is, with Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp. Stephen says –

“This transition reflects how Facebook is focused, not just on growth for their main site, but rather on expanding their entire ecosystem.”

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Amazon and Yahoo’s scenario –

Apart from Facebook and YouTube, SimilarWeb noticed another interesting trend seen by Amazon.

Over the years, Yahoo had acquired the third spot. But with the e-commerce giant – Amazon’s annual Prime day and other perks, it looks like Amazon would soon take over the third position.
This can be supported with the fact that Amazon had already surpassed Yahoo as of December, 2017 as well as July, 2018.

Google’s Scenario –

Clearly the change or shift is not taking place with respect to Google’s first position.

The study mentioned that Google has seen a certain amount of downfall in its website traffic. This could possibly due to Google’s voice search and app use.
Yet, the company managed to get approximately 15 billion visits as of July, 2018; whereas the other 4 websites remained to be below 5 billion visits.

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