Zero Discrimination Day Messages to Fight Inequality

March 1 is celebrated as zero discrimination day to draw attention towards increasing inequality and injustice in different areas like income, age, gender, profession, sexual tastes, racial groups, religion, and ethnicity.

This zero discrimination day, let us celebrate together by raising awareness to make this world a better place to live in. Share the messages below with your loved ones and unite against the injustices.

  • If we people are all completely equal, so why are we permitting other people and governments to treat us differently? Here on Zero Discrimination Day, let us unite in our battle against prejudice.
  • Currently, individuals are increasingly interested in playing the game of displaying off their financial position, which has the effect of creating inequality. From Zero Discrimination Day forward, let us refrain from promoting this conduct.
  • Ignorance is wonderful, but it’s a sin to ignore needy people because of their differences. This Zero Discrimination Day, let us all help to see the difference.

You can also celebrate Zero Discrimination Day by helping the victims live the same life as others, and by launching social media campaigns.

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