Zoë Kravitz On All Things Beauty

Zoë Kravitz is an American actress, singer, and model who is known for taking huge fashion risks. Her acting doesn’t let her blend into the crowd, and neither does her style.

Kravitz spoke to Vogue about her beauty preferences.



“I think the biggest life-changer for me has been the Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat. It’s so nice to find something sheer and light for if you don’t want a full face of foundation in the day but you still want just to even your skin out and brighten it up a bit. I use Touche Éclat under the eyes and around the nose and cover any pimples. Then YSL Couture Brow on the eyebrows. I like to give a little more definition and also I like them to be brushed a little wild. I feel naked now if I don’t wear something on my brows. Then I put Glow Shot on the cheeks and on the bridge of the nose. I’ll usually also add a little bit of blush or something, but that’s my minimum for daily life. I like a dewy look.”

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“Every hairstyle needs a different kind of look to complement it. I definitely think the most drastic change for me was cutting it short because you realise how much you hide behind your hair. It’s kind of like a safety blanket and so all of a sudden you feel very exposed when you have short hair. So it was actually a good thing for me I think, because I realised how much I was relying on my hair to feel feminine. It was cool to have to access a different part of my femininity. I dressed totally differently. I think I started dressing a little more conservatively in a weird way. And you feel you have to wear make-up as your face is more exposed! In general I try to keep my hair moisturised, as curly hair tends to get dry. I use coconut oil or rosemary oil, it wakes up your scalp. Keep it healthy.”

Zoë Kravitz On All Things Beauty


“I am a lip or eye kind of a girl, I think it’s one or the other. I love a red lip, I just think it’s sexy and chic. And whether it’s a smoky eye or just a liquid liner I love the shape of a cat eye. I think it’s kind of timeless. I love the idea of a white T-shirt with a cat eye, it elevates everything. I’m kind of ok at doing it myself. The trick I’ve learned is doing it from the outside in, because I think it’s hard to match the flicks otherwise.”


“I wash my face morning and night. I like a company called Retrouvé, or Joanna Vargas – I like her face washes. Then serums and moisturiser, and Retrouvé does a great eye cream. I go for facials, too. In New York I go to a place called Christine Chin Spa and in Los Angeles I go to Terri Lawton.”

Zoë Kravitz On All Things Beauty


“Getting ready, I definitely want music and definitely a cocktail to loosen up! I have a wonderful team who have become like my family now so it’s fun to get together and laugh. And it’s a creative process, you know, getting to that point where you feel comfortable to stand in front of a bunch of photographers!”


I think fragrance is really important. I tend to travel with incense because I feel like it’s nice to have a familiar smell. Especially as someone who travels a lot, it’s nice to have a consistency there. It makes me feel more at home and it’s the same with your perfume. It’s the first thing people notice about you, how you smell. It evokes memory.”


“I love Caudalie Beauty Elixir as it’s great after a flight – it wakes you up and I love the minty smell. Retrouvé does great travel-sized serums and I also have to keep Touche Éclat in my bag as you never know who you’re gonna see! It’s nice for when you land. I’m don’t really do sheet masks on planes. I feel like that’s something you do in the privacy of your home.”

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“The thing I’ve always carried with me in terms of beauty is that you really have to take care of yourself. You have to drink water and sleep and eat well. All of that. Make-up, I always say, should highlight the things you love about yourself but it can only do so much. So if you’re not taking care of yourself your skin’s not going to look good then no amount of make-up can fix that. But in terms of applying make-up, you know what I’m really into? I’m into putting your highlighter on under your concealer. You can add a little on top, but it’s nice to have that glow peeking through rather than just sitting there.”

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